You are greeted by a six foot two (187 cm) Male looking lion. You may, or may not find out otherwise later. His fur is red and tan. An odd combo for a lion. Alas Remo is not of this Earth, instead from a planet (Kelthorr) in a galaxy not so distant from this one. His mohawk, a grown-out, smooth and thick, hung to one side, dyed green halfway up from jet-black roots. You first look upon him though he would probably be dressed in some sort of discarded uniform, held together by little bits of tape here and there. Remo can usually be found wandering from planet to planet in his ill gotten spaceship, occasionally running cargo, or helping rich people steal from other rich people. He often finds himself lost in his own thoughts, with the occasional hitchhiker joining him on his intergalactic voyages. As a seasoned traveler with many years of experience, he accepts compensation for providing rides across the universe, and beyond. He can be found in pubs, taverns and bars, having nearly been kicked out of all of them, on multiple occasions. Being Wanted in multiple star systems in multiple dimensions  for thievery he is in possession of some very strange and exotic items. Items he often sold or traded for goods and credits while at times, also helping him out on his adventures. Having a fascination with Earth pop and nerd culture, a lot of his items came from  popular books and TV shows, as his ship has the ability to jump between universes/dimensions.

Existing in a multiverse, each person's version of Remo is either a little or a lot different, though more often than not you will find Remo’s that are more alike than not. Do not be surprised if a Remo you know starts acting or occasionally looks a little different. Every time a Remo moves between dimensions he is replaced with another dimension hopping Remo. Not all Remos are the same however, and not all of them travel between dimensions. Those Remos are subject to random universe jumping, most confused as to why things change the way they do, coming off as forgetful, lazy and inattentive. Instances of the Mandela effect are more prominent and even at times extream in the absurd as he wanders from plane to plane, and universe to universe, Lost and confused.


Kelt Biology and Genetics:

The planet Kelthorr Revolves around two suns in a binary star system. On this planet the dominant species Are tall Lion like, Bipedal people. The closest description would be that of an anthropomorphic lion/lioness from Earth. Though the colorations vary greatly between regions of Kelthorr The northern tribes known for there solid black fur, the western tribes known for there red and tan fur, the suther known for there snow white fur and ice blue manes and tails. Kelts are known for their strange reproductive systems and longevity, often living for over 1,000 earth years at a time. In living so long, and being suck prolific breeders allowed the people of Kelthorr to evolve and expand beyond their own planet and out into their solar system, fortifying small planets and moons, mining those same planets and moons for resources that could be used back on the home world.
The Kelt Gender and Reproductive system is completely different from that of anything else in the expanded known universe.

Every Kelt is born male, and like any other mammalian species go through a kind of puberty when they come of a certain age. As males, their first puberty is much like any normal mammalian puberty. A male coming of breeding age. At around the age of 50 Ey (Ey = Earth Years.) around %75 of males will hit their second puberty. The other %25 do not, staying male for the rest of their lives.

When a kelt hits their second puberty, a shifting of physical gender takes place. The male genitalia slowly fades away, often leaving the kelt in a state of discomfort for an extended period of time. The bones and the structure of the body changes, hip widening a bit for reasons of procreation. About %50 of those Kelts who do hit their second puberty will become fully female, the other 25 getting stuck some place inbetween. Remo lies within that last percentile, being stuck someplace between male and female. Though living in a multiverse you could run into a fully male or fully female version of Remo (Depending on the writer's current mood...)