First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. It's good to get some of this out of the way before too many feelings get involved.
    My name is Remo. I've been role playing for over 10 years.


  • I am happily married to my wonderful husband of ten years. I love to role play and I have his consent to do so. Any feelings that are felt during any roleplay Are strictly between our characters, and does not  reflect any of my personal feelings. I am not in the market for anything beyond good friends, and a good role play, or a few. 

    I am a very ADHD person. This is a future apology. If it seems like I've forgotten about you, I may have, and I am sorry. I don't do it on purpose so please don't take it personally. I have issues with my memory, and I speak to a lot of people. You may have to poke me a few times to get me to respond. But again don’t take it personally. I am an artist and I spend a lot of my time drawing, and if I looked up from my drawing every time I got a message I'd never get anything done. Fear not, I will get back to you eventually, even if it takes a couple of days.
    I am sorry to those who I role play with all the time. I know I haven't been on a lot lately. I've been looking for a job and focusing a lot on my art. I am finding less time to be online since I moved to sleeping like a normal person again.

    Personal rules, likes and dislikes.


    I absolutely will not have anything to do with Racists, Xenophobes,Cub porn, Furry Raiders, Bigots, Child molesters, Right wing MAGA nut jobs, Religious Bible thumping and/or Evangelical Religious fanatics and conservatives, Flat Earthers,Homophobes,Transphobesl, Nazi’s, Neo Nazies, Russian (Government) sympathizers ( I support Russian Citizens.), Neo Fascists white Nationalists, Proud boys, Log Cabin Republicans, GOP...You get the idea. Go away. I do not want to debate you, I don't want to hear your side. Leave me alone. I will just block you and move on.

    Assuming you are none of the things in the above list, you should be okay. I am otherwise a friendly, loving person who loves making new friends.  Assuming you treat me with respect and kindness I will do the same in return. You can find a list of my kinks up in this website's navigation bar. (F-list)

    I like rather long drawn out roll plays most of the time when I get the chance to roleplay. I am a sucker for love and Romance stories. Also, If it is not obvious by now I love sci-fi settings, but I am not opposed to other ideas. I am most always NSFW so if you're not into that sort of thing please say something. I don’t want to do anything to make anybody uncomfortable.

    That being said, While I am NSFW most of the time it does not mean I want you coming up and grabbing on me like a piece of meat, Especially if I don't know you. If I feel you might be trying to get close to me because you think that I might give you free art or something I will keep you at arms length. Feel free to ask me questions, let's get to know each other a bit. ^^